Yes, Google is down right now (and now Google is back)


Yes, Google is down right now (and now Google is back)

Yes, it seems that a lot of Google services are currently down. You are not alone.

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These are Gmail, YouTube, Google My Business, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Photos, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Search Console, Admob, etc. but not Google Search. I think the connection to Google is not working either.

We even have Googlers joking that they can't work because of the outage:

Of course, the big joke of Google Search in the SEO world is[is google down] the query says no, but technically, Google Search is up:

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You can check the Google Workspace status indicatorsThey are all currently red (since about 6:55 ET).

Update: Google services appear to be back up at 7:28 a.m. ET, an outage of about 30 minutes.

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