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Hey, what's up, reader! Dean is here again ;D Do you like podcasts? Whether the answer is "yes" or "no," you need to listen to it:

I interview a SEOWarriors student who was not an SEO and generated a Call To Click niche with which she monetizes a positive ROI with traffic from Facebook Ads and Adsense banners.

For me, the pride is endless, as she is a student of our SEO member.

On the other hand, I think it's really meritorious that she was able to get a website that generates income with Adsense from the first month, with a RPM greater than 5 and on top of that, find a source of unlimited traffic like Facebook from which she gets a ROAS 3.

Especially since we all know that Google Adsense sites usually take a long time to earn money.

Marta has shown that she knows how to generate it from the first moment; personally, I would like to have profiles like her in my team and I want to express my most sincere admiration to her.

The craziest part of all this?

Well, as I said before, Marta Ríos is not an SEO. She did NOT know SEO before joining and not only that, but she doesn't have an Internet or marketing profile with a history of setting up projects or anything else.

Even as an anecdote, I can tell (sorry Marta, I promised I would) that we had trouble connecting via Skype to do the interview, hahaha.

For me, Marta has shown that you don't have to be a professional SEO to do something worthwhile.

But I also want to point out that it's not just that we at SEOWarriors teach great SEO (which we do too), but that this girl has talent.

So... I leave you with the interview now:

Here are the measurements that Marta achieved with her website and that made her the winner of the contest.

Marta's winning website ratio
Revenue / Visit Ratio

4.60 / 150 visits = £0.03 per visit. That's 3 cents per visit.

And here you have a live video of its Adsense panel where I show you the income she has today. Then you can read directly Marta telling her experience and her brief trajectory in the SEO world.

Table of contents

  • 1 Minutes of the interview
    • 1.1 [2:13] - How did you get to SEOWarriors, what do you think of this contest, how did you experience being the winner?
    • 1.2 [9:25] - How many urls does your niche have?
    • 1.3 [10:41] - How did your niche evolve until today?
    • 1.4 [13:25] - What tools have you used to find keywords to improve your content?
    • 1.5 [14:20] - Tell us what is your website and explain what is your niche?
    • 1.6 [17:35] - What kind of social traffic campaigns do you run, what kind of audiences do you target?
    • 1.7 [23:53] - Which Google Adsense banners did you use on the site?
    • 1.8 [25:00] - Did you play with the semantics of the article to place a banner and encourage clicks?
    • 1.9 [27:13] - What are you going to do with the £1,000 you've earned, are you going to reinvest some of it in this niche?
    • 1.10 [27:50] - Have you thought about making a more horizontal site with this site you have now?
  • 2 Marta's story in text

Minute of the interview

Below are the questions I asked Marta, with the corresponding answers. I'll also leave you the minute in which they occur in case you want to go directly to that part.

[2:13] - How did you come to SEOWarriors, what do you think of this contest, how did you experience being the winner?

Marta tells us how she discovered SEOWarriors. She also tells us about her first niche, an Amazon affiliate site.

She shares how she was a very active user of the SEOWarriors Telegram group and how she learned from the help of other students/colleagues.

[9:25] - How many urls does your niche have?

Here she explains the size of her website. I can tell you that it is a very small website with a great return on investment.

[10:41] - How did your niche evolve until today?

Marta tells us about the different actions she took to ensure that the metrics that helped her win the contest have increased by far over the past 30 days.

In other words, his niche has evolved into even better numbers than those that won him the competition.

She tells us how she invests in Facebook Ads and manages to make it profitable with Adsense. Brutal!

[13:25] - What tools have you used to find keywords to improve your content?

She shares with us the tools she used to improve the content she had already published.

[14:20] - Tell us what is your website and explain what is your niche?

The website with which Marta won the contest is She talks about her niche topic.

She explains how she separated the search intents and created a url for each of these intents.

[17:35] - What kind of social traffic campaigns are you doing, what kind of audience are you targeting?

Marta tells us how she segmented the Facebook Ads campaign and how she created the creative and copy.

Photoshop was a great help for the realization of the advertisements, because it is a tool that she masters.

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[23:53] - Which Google Adsense banners did you use on the Web?

She used 3 banners and explains what they are and where she placed them on the website.

[25:00] - Did you play with the semantics of the article to place a banner and encourage clicks?

You did not use a strategy in this sense, you tell us how you placed them.

[27:13] - What are you going to do with the €1,000 you earned, are you going to reinvest some of it in this niche?

He plans to invest some of what he has earned in improving this niche and explains how he plans to do so.

[27:50] - Have you thought about making a more horizontal site with this site you have now?

Finally, Marta tells us what her plans are for this niche and whether she will develop it or leave it as is.

Marta's story in text

You can read Marta's story below

Click to read Marta's story in post format
My first approximate contact with niche pages
Well, let's see where I start, because the very fact of writing an article is something completely new for me. It's been a few years since I started to find a way to work with my computer and an Internet connection. Be my own boss and set my own pace and goals

Who wouldn't dream of such a thing? I was and still am convinced that it is possible, you just have to find the right path and follow it.

One day, I read something about Amazon niche pagesThe thing was simple, you make a website where you talk about Amazon items and put your affiliate link and make money from the sales that were produced by the referrals from my website. So, as I was studying audiovisual communication, I decided to create a website about photography to advise people on what camera, lens or accessory they should buy.
This is my attempt at a niche:

Thereferencing did not exist for me at So at this point, I didn't take it into account at all. Of course, after I created my website and wrote a few articles, time passed and no one found me, not one sale. The enthusiasm I had at the beginning gradually dissipated until I eventually abandon the site completely.

Discover that there is no niche without SEO

After a few months, I can't remember exactly how I came across an article that talked about Dean Romero's course: Shoot your Visits. It was then that I discovered what niche pages werefor Adsense and especially for SEO. It was like love at first sight, I felt that this was what I wanted to do, create an interesting website and make money from advertising.

Thisseemed really fascinating and I thought this course would teach me how to do it. Just as I was almost ready to buy it, I came across theSEO Warriors membership. If the course "Shoot Your Visits  "had already aroused my curiosity for referencing, this one got me hooked.

At first, I had my doubts: course or membership? But it only took me a few hours to decide on SEO Warriors, I had a feeling it was going to be something big. Needless to say, I am very happy with this decision.

Nichera Storm contest begins

So, let's get into the nitty gritty. When the SEO Warriors team launched the SEO Storm Nichera contest, I still considered myself, and still do, to be a newcomer in the field of referencingwho has a lot to learn.

Although I have already acquired a lot of knowledge in the few courses I have downloaded so far, I never thought I could compete to win. So I took it as a practical way to continue learning, without any other pretension.

The choice of the niche

We were given a list of slots that the B30 team had already studied and considered good to attack, and from these we were to choose one to work on. A month ago, I didn't know what keyword research wasand there I was, choosing my niche based on the volume and search intent offered by those keywords.

There is a month, I did not know what "research intent" was eitherand its importance for SEO. So I tried to choose a niche where there were 4 or 5 search intents with the idea that the website would have 4 or 5 pages to answer them.

I also took into account the content, I wanted it to be a subject I can write about myself while searching for information, as it was not in my plans to buy content at that time. I checked that there were no websites in the top positions specialized in this particular niche and finally chose one

My first blunders

That's when I did my first mistake as a beginner: the choice of the domain. I thought the best idea was to include the keyword of my niche in the domain, but of course, if the word is a trademark, it is advisable not to include it to avoid possible rights problems, which I did not of the whole thought.

So I started working on the website with WordPress on my newly purchased domain and when I was pretty far along, one of my SEO Warriors colleagues warned me about the danger of using a brand name in the domain, from his own experience.

So I have had to buy another domain and move the whole site without knowing how to do it. Luckily, the guys at SEO Warriors are all very nice and this same girl explained to me what to do. Finally, everything was solved and new things were learned

Creating a niche with no SEO experience

To create the website, I was inspired by a site that Dean and his team had shown us as an example several times and with which they had had great success. One thing I also learned at SEO Warriors is to look at the competition and other successful people and try to emulate them so that's what I did

But replicating is not copying, because they can even deal with different topics as in my case, it is about taking ideas of content structure and design, for example

As far as content goes, I started researching and reading about my niche topic and I create articles according to the research intentions. When I wrote 3 posts (pages in my case), I published them. What I had at that time was a website with three pages.

Asomething else I didn't know a month agowas the wonderful 301 redirect, with which I could make the home page one of the pages whose URL contained the keywords of my niche. I don't know if this is essential or super important for SEO, but since I saw it on the site I took as a reference, I wanted to do the same.

So I found myself with a website with three pages of contentplus the privacy policy, cookies and contact. I knew it wasn't much, but I decided to send it to Adsense for approvalto see what they were saying.

Adsense rejects my website and I don't know what to do

As expected, after a few days, they rejected itbut as they do not explain the exact reasons, I didn't know what to do. I turned to my colleagues at SEO Warriors again and they gave me some advice that I had not considered due to my lack of experience

The "Hello Word" entry that WordPress creates by default was always on my site, even though I don't include it in the menus or anywhere else, Google finds it and sees that it is an empty page. I had no idea, so I had to delete the entry and remove the url from Search Console.

This was all totally new to me, but my colleagues very kindly showed me howdo. Also, I had very fortunately changed some URLs that were already indexed in Google and therefore now led to an error page. Another inexperienced mistake. So I had to put the correct URLs in 301.

Finally, I created another content page and reapplied for Adsense.

Good news and better news

This time, yes! In a few days, I was accepted for Adsense and my website could already have ads . I don't know if it's because of the changes I made, but it didn't hurt to have corrected all these mistakes

In short, I tried to make the website as pleasant and convenient as possible for the user. I wanted it to look good and meet the search intent. I tried to use in the text as many of the most important keywords that derive from the main one, always with sense and logic.

And that's all I can say. After a few days, I found myself winning the first month of the contestSEO Storm Nichera and I still can't believe it.

Evolution of Marta's website measurements

Here are some screenshots so you can see for yourself how Marta's niche evolved once she applied all the actions she explained in the interview.

Visits to in the last 30 days

The following screenshot shows the evolution of the Adsense income of a website that is only one month old. This is BRUTAL!

Adsense income during the last 30 days in


And this is the end of the interview with Marta Ríos

As you can see, at SW, we don't waste time with nonsense.

Camera... kennels... and action!

If you want to access the complete keyword search of Tormenta Nichera (I show below the actual screenshot with the blur) just sign up for our SEO community:

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There is still time to participate in the "Nichera Storm" and have fun with one of the niches we offer to participate

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See you next time!


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